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Our mission is to provide extraordinary experiences to all youth including underprivileged and at-risk through critical thinking and mental and physical conditioning, empowering them to live a more active, confident and healthy life.  

By 2025 our mission will be to have empowered over 2000 children in Sioux Falls and outlying communities.



Our vision is to reach as many young students as we can through collaboration efforts with local organizations in Sioux Falls and surrounding communities. At Kid At Heart we are setting out to empower young people to be confident in conquering obstacles life throw's at them. 


  • Promote healthier lives through education and experience

  • Enhance the minds of youth to be more positive and strong

  • Bring hope and guidance back to anyone whom may have lost it or is struggling to find their way

  • Uplift everyone around us to be better and have a positive attitude

  • Provide education to be more active, healthy and resilient 

  • Promote Family and Community to get you over every obstacle life throws at you

  • Empower young students to be free to think for themselves and whom are ready for what life throws at them. 

  • Mentor students to recognize additional role models in their lives. 

  • Have fun, smile and laugh at the world around you! 

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